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We have been very successful in the Sussex, Kent and Surrey area. We are often approached directly by landowners who have seen other successful sites in which we have been involved.  


High quality development

We build out our own schemes ensuring high quality development whilst being sensitive and conscientious towards the adjacent properties and landowners.


A straightforward honest approach

Instead of complicated offers adopted by many house builders, land agents, land promoters and the like, we prefer a more straightforward honest approach, agreeing a purchase price with the landowner subject to planning. So the landowner knows exactly what price will be paid for their land upon the granting of a suitable planning permission.


Short to mid term option agreements

We are happy to enter into short to mid term option agreements and subject to planning contracts ranging from 1 – 5 years depending on our initial review of the land.  We aim to make such contracts as short as we believe the planning system will allow, to avoid locking the landowner in for many years. We cover all the planning costs and take on all planning and associated risk. 


Land opportunities

We would be delighted to look at any land opportunities from single plots,  potential infills,  conversions of commercial and agricultural buildings up to multiple residential schemes and strategic land situations.


In the strictest confidence

We know discretion is important as we are aware that a landowner looking to develop their land or business premises, often wants to consider their options without upsetting neighbours or employees, so any approach to us is dealt with in the strictest confidence. 

What our clients say

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